What to wear in London in November

You will always need a good pair of shoes/boots for walking because you will do a lot of walking, an umbrella in case it rains, and that can happen at anytime, and a large-ish bag for small purchases from places like Boots

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Why you should visit Covent Garden

I have talked about creating a boutique tour of London for ages where a portion of the tour would go to a charity of my choice. I asked a few seasoned travelers that enthusiastically replied they're in. So I decided to try and give it a go, I'll continue to report my progress here, but in the mean time I thought I'd show one of my favourite places in London; Covent Garden. This market used to do a brisk trade in the fruit and veg industry, it's still a market but it has much more now. It's now home to a variety of shops and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is also an economical treat to get a meal and possibly here live entertainment for free. If you follow the stairs down, there is a charming little restaurant where you can sit outside under the farcade, this is the best seats in my opinion because at any moment someone could show up and give you free opera, or music of some kind. It's always busy so if no one isn't entertaining the patrons, wait awhile and someone will show up. On a side note I once saw a punch and judy show on the street, Covent Garden is full of impromptu entertainment.